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Scholarships and Awards

The American Legion Seeley B Parish Post 457 family offers a number of scholarships and other resources to assist young people in their pursuit of higher education. Each year, the Post 457 family facilitates the awarding of several scholarships to high school students. There are opportunities for everyone, including kin of wartime veterans and participants in Legion programs. The American Legion also publishes a valuable resource in “Need a Lift?” – a comprehensive guide to seeking and obtaining scholarships


Scholarships to Seniors

Each year the Post 457 Scholarship Committee meets to interview graduating seniors who apply for  a scholarship. Applications are available in the guidance office of Midlakes High School in mid-March of each school year. Applications must be turned in by mid-April of each school year. The Scholarship Committee will contact students to arrange in-school interviews with the committee. Selected candidates will be announced at Midlakes Commencement, usually the last Saturday in June.

Over the past 25 years, Post 457 has awarded scholarships to seniors totaling $130,000.

Following is a list of the scholarship amounts paid over the last six years:

                                                       Year               Amount

                                                       2018              $10,000

                                                       2017                10,000

                                                       2016                10,000

                                                          2015                   8,000

                                                          2014                 12,000

                                                       2013                   9,000

                                                       2012                   6,000

                                                       2011                   6,000


The 2018 scholarship winners were Makenzie Kommer, Hannah Peisher, Bailey Mahoney, Alexis Smith, and Lindsey Weykman.  Congratulations to all of you!


 History Awards

Each year Post 457 makes a $150 award to the Girl and Boy with the highest averages in Government and Economics. 


Boys State Scholarships

Each year the Post 457 family sponsors five boys attendance at American Legion, Department of New York Boys' State. The Post 457 Boys' State Committee will interview eligible boys in March of each year. Students will be notified by the Boys' State Committee by April. Applications to the American Legion Boys' State, Department of New York must then be completed on-line. Four boys sponsored by the post and one boy sponsored by the SAL Squadron will attend Boys' State. 

The following boys, who just completed their junior year at Midlakes High School, attended 2018 Boys' State: Nathan Belcher, Kenneth Deland, Ben Jansen, Hunter MacCammon, and Wyatt Smith. Gettysburg Address Award

Each year we invite a 6th, 7th, or 8th grade Midlakes Middle School student to recite President Lincoln’s Gettysburg address at the Memorial Day observance. This year Morgan Cowan recited the address.


Flag Essay Contest

Each year Post 457 conducts an essay contest, "What the flag means to me" for 6th graders at MIS. The winners are present at the Veterans Day observance at the World War Memorial. The first place winner reads their essay then. The 2017 winners were: 3rd Place for $100 award went to Azrielle Cahill; 2nd Place for $200 award went to Mia McMahon; 1st Place for $300 award went to Colin Chimera.


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